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Federal Agency Reports - Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Defense (DoD), Veterans Administration (VA) and Military related reports in response the HCV Disease (hepatitis C) Epidemic

1948 Blood Experiments US Army makes deal to recruit volunteers for hepatitis experiments with Mr. Durnquist, the Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, with respect to the possibility of conducting experimental work on volunteers in the penitentiaries. Mr. Durnquist was favorably inclined to the idea and quite optimistic about its feasibility...

Table of Contents

1843 -1987 History of Syringes
1920-87 Global Disaster Prediction
1939 Patent - Hypodermic Injector
1942 Seeff- Yellow Fever Vaccine
1948 Army Hepatitis Experiments
1950's Korean War Blood and Plasma
1960's Vietnam Blood and Plasma
1964-1975 Drug Use in Vietnam
1964-1975 Hepatitis C Drug Use in Vietnam Era Vets
1966 Patent-MedEJet injector
1969 DoD Experimental Funding
1969 Pharmaceutical Experiments some died in an extended series of drug tests and blood plasma experiments
1970 Army Basic Training Medical Handbook
1970 Jetgun Nursing Instructions
1970 Military Guidelines Manual for Jetgun use.
1970 NIH Warning
1974 FBI Knowledge
1977 Seeff- Discovery of Hepatitis C
1990 FDA Jetgun Autoclaves Recalled
1991 Seroconversion Testing for HCV after exposure
1992 Partitioning of hepatitis C virus unsafe
1992-2014 Jetgun Claims Granted Service Connection
1993 MMWR Contaminated Immunoglobulin Research
1994 CDC Jetgun Recommendations
1994 Hepatitis C Immunoglobulin Associated
1994-1998 Hepatitis C Veterans Federal Response
1995 Experiments with human volunteers from the military
1995 FDA/ORA Blood Compliance Guidance
1996 CDC Jetgun Advisory Committee
1996 FDA knew bad blood was shipped
1996 WHO Jetgun Warning
1997 DoD Jetgun Report
1997 WHO Jetgun Statement
1998 CDC Global Disaster OpED
1998-2008 CDC Hepatitis C Review
1999 DoD Jetgun Policy Chronology
1999 Federal Safety Needle Legislation
1999 Hepatitis C Survives
1999 Military military training bases during the late 1960s and 1970s
1999 OSHA Preambles
1999 Prevalence of Hepatitis C
1999 Vaccines in the Military- DoD Review of Policy
1999 WHO & CDC Global Injections
2000 CIA Global Infectious Disease Threat
2000 Origins of HCV Epidemic
2001 FDA Jetgun Hearing
2001 Jetguns Transmit Infection
2001 Policy Change Surgery
2001 VBA Fast Letter Boost Hepatitis C Claims
2001-2009 Hepatitis C Transmission
2002 Blood Task Force lays Criminal Charges
2002 Small Pox Needles & Jet Injectors
2003 Aids Crisis & Dirty Needles
2003 CDC Guidelines
2003 Dangers of EMG Needles
2003 NIH Guidelines
2003 Tainted Blood Class Action
2004 CDC Report Finger Stick Device Lancets
2004 CDC Risk Factors
2004 Sexual transmission of (HCV) is rare
2004 The Hepatitis C Report
2004 Transfusions- Fatal Bacterial Infections
2004 VA Defines Hepatitis C Risk Factors
2005 CDC Mass-Casualty Events
2005 FDA Infection Control
2005 FDA Safety of Jetguns Advisory Meeting
2005 Global Burden Egypt
2005 Gloves Transmits HCV Disease
2005 Immunization to Protect the U.S. Armed Forces
2005 Needleless Connectors Relationship
2005 USA Surgical Tissue Adhesive
2007 Vaccine- Department of Defense (DoD) immunization program
2007-2009 Veterans Affairs Reuse Insulin Pens
2008 CDC Conference Call Unsafe Injection Pratices
2008 CDC Infection Control Requirements
2008 CDC- Jetguns (PCNIF) Fail Safety Test
2008 HCV via contaminated Surfaces
2008 Jet injectors & Bifurcated Needles
2008 NV State Investigation UPDATE
2008 USP Policy Change-Multiuse Vials
2008 VA Nevada Exposures
2008 VA OIG Healthcare Inspection
2008-2014Hepatitis C Outbreaks
2009 CDC Report- Hemodialysis Unit
2009 Congressional Probe - VA Clinics colonoscopies not properly sterilized
2009 GA Med Center Endoscopes
2009 GA VA Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
2010 CDC Report- Mulitple Exposures
2010 HCV screening strategies
2010 HCVcc survives temperatures warrants precautions
2011 CDC Advisory Committee on Jetguns
2011 CDC Infection Checklist
2011 Risk Factors Included Age 45 and older
2011 VA HCV Prevalence VS Therapy
2011- CDC Vaccine Guidelines
2011Hepatitis C testing practices .pdf
2012 CDC Information for Providers
2012 CDC Report Sites Hospital
2012 Dental Transmission
2012 Exeter Hospital CMA Statement
2012 Healthcare providers should follow Standard Precautions
2012 Hepatitis C Virus Among Persons Born During 1945–1965
2012 Jet injection History and Applications
2013 Alternative vaccine delivery methods- Jetguns devices should not be used
2013 Dried Hepatitis C Blood Exposure
2013 Reply Dr.Ross- VA-‘Treatment of Veterans"
2013 Reply to VA-‘Treatment of Veterans
2013 VA Health Services Research
2014 Hepatitis C by Airgun was related to active service
2014 Hepatitis C Infection Among Vietnam Era
2014 Preventing infection from the misuse of vials
2015 More Accurate Hepatitis C Prevalence
2015 VA and DoD More Accurate Prevalence
2016 VA Treatment Guidelines for Vets with Hepatitis C
Hearing Transcript - House Committee on Veterans' Affairs
Meeting Sen. Sullivan's Office- Jetgun injections
Meeting Sen. Sullivan's Office- Jetgun injections
Meeting Sen. Sullivan's Office- Jetgun injections
Nurse anesthetist has license revoked
Sen Sanders Tells VA Use Emergency Power Override Hep C Drug Patents