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Vietnam vets blame 'jet guns' for their hepatitis C
By Lily Leung
Feb. 14, 2016 
CBS News Investigates
Congress outraged over hepatitis C treatment VA can't afford
Dr. Raymond Schinazi played a leading role developing a drug that cures hepatitis C while working seven-eighths of his time for the VA
May 2014 VA Hep C Treatment Guidelines
Update  Feb 26, 2016-
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Funding and Prioritization Status Update Doctors take roll  on death panels due to lack of funding.
Denied Hep C VA dental care?
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Dried Hepatitis C Blood Exposure 11/23/2013 Weeks later inconspicuous blood transmits virus and more likely to cause accidental exposures to Hep C

Lack of Standards for
Mass Vaccinations
1970 Jetgun Nursing Instructions

Military Jet Gun Injections Transmitted Hepatitis: a 22-year assessment of VA claims

2014 AASLD Study Hepatitis C not an STD

Test the Rest Campaign
Documentation & Surveillance Alerts
Military Hepatitis History  
Understanding The Liver 
VA Flow Sheet for Cirrhosis
VA Defines Risk Factors

Hep C & Pro-Prebiotic
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One Vets' Journey Though Treatment

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VBA Fast Letter Boost Claims
Legal- Fed Regs state:
Judge decision may be relied upon
Cotant v. Principi, 17 Vet.App. 116, 134 (2003),
Service Connected Claims
# 1 Conclusion of Law 
# 2 Conclusion of Law 
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Jetgun Decisions
Hep C Decisions

BVA Granted Claims
1992 - 2014
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BVA Jetgun Decisions
BVA Hepatitis C Decisions

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Legal Activity-
Blood and Equipment Hepatitis C Contamination

Table of Contents:

1948 Army Hepatitis Experiments
1964-1975 Hepatitis C Drug Use in Vietnam Era Vets
1988 Expert Witness
1991 Seroconversion Testing for HCV after exposure
1992-2014 Jetgun Claims Granted Service Connection
1994 Hepatitis C ISG product recall
1999 DoD Jetgun Policy Chronology
1999 Illigally Sold Blood Lawsuit
1999 Military military training bases during the late 1960s and 1970s
1999 Red Cross Prison Blood
2002 Blood Task Force lays Criminal Charges
2003 Jury sides with HCV victim
2003 Tainted Blood Class Action
2004 VA Defines Hepatitis C Risk Factors
2008 HCV Dental Implants Transmission
2008 Legal Advice for Patients
2009 Congressional Probe - VA Clinics colonoscopies not properly sterilized
2009 GA Med Center Endoscopes
2009 TN VA Wrong Valves
2010 Lawsuit Nevada
2011 Risk Factors Included Age 45 and older
2014 Hepatitis C by Airgun was related to active service
Hearing loss related to treatment
Meeting Sen. Sullivan's Office- Jetgun injections
Nurse anesthetist has license revoked