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Legal Action

Board of Veterans' Appeals- Jetgun Hepatitis C Claims Granted Service Connection
1992 - 2014
Doctors' Testimony
     VA Physicians
     Private Physicians  
1988 Expert Witness AFFIDAVIT OF THOMAS DREES...He states he has seen “documents which indicate fractionators in conjunction with Dennis Donohue of the FDA and the AABB and ARC conspired to prevent the use of the HB Core Test from being implemented to prevent having to incur the expense of the test to avoid having to reject donors who were positive for the test.” “It is now clear to me that the HB Core Test should have been used from the time it became available through Abbott Laboratories in 1975.” “there was such resistance to the use of the HB Anti Core Test by the blood industry, and the blood industries resistance to take the most obvious and needed precautions to the AIDS epidemic convinces me that there was a concerted effort by the influential leaders of the blood industry to save dollars at the expense of lives, even when it was clear beyond any doubt that there was widespread contamination of the blood supply. 
1994 Hepatitis C ISG product recall At the end of February 1994, Baxter Healthcare announced the removal of Gammagard from the global market because of plasma used was positive for hepatitis C. In July 1995, the FDA said that as many as 1,000 cases of hepatitis C could have been linked to use of Gammagard.
1999 DoD Jetgun Policy Chronology Military discontinues the use of jet guns for mass immunization of military troops U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) needle-free injection policy chronology
1999 Lawsuit Canadian citizens announce intent to sue us over hepatitis c tainted prison plasma What we have discovered over the years of investigating ..."nothing short of shocking and represents the worst medical scandal in US history". ... product manufacturers such as the Bayer, Baxter, and Alpha Therapeutics continued to purchase... knew was contaminated with HCV and HIV".
1999 Military Link Hepatitis C Origin Points to Military...Responses to the request by the Department of Defense indicate that soldiers at major U.S. military training bases during the late 1960s and 1970s were used to test vaccines...
1999 Red Cross Prison Blood American Society of Microbiology- Several Huge Lawsuits Pending...prison plasma pumped through 1994 in BOTH Arkansas and Louisiana under Liddy Dole's revamped" blood system.
2002 RCMP Charges Filed Task Force lays Criminal Charges...It validates (the knowledge) that my infection was not brought on by God but by a man-made decision that placed money over my safety," said McCarthy, on the verge of tears.
2003 Anesthetist-transmission to Patients OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Board of Nursing unanimously approved...revoking nurse anesthetist... license... regularly engaged in the practice of reusing the same needle and syringe... such as Versed, Fentanyl and Propofol, to patients through their existing heparin locks …”
2003 Class Action Hepatitis C Class Action Complaint for Damages and Injunctive Relief Plaintiffs’ claims arise out of the most egregious misconduct in the history of the pharmaceutical industry, which resulted in the killing of thousands of hemophiliacs worldwide, with a continuing death rate of hundreds of victims per year. Defendants are American corporations which manufactured blood products
2008 HCV Dental Implants Transmission Hepatitis patient sues, blames dental implants-A woman who underwent dental implant surgery ...suing the makers of products ... after she learned the products had been recalled and she had contracted Hepatitis C.
2008 Legal Advice for Patients PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS: Queries irk hepatitis patients- Attorneys telling clients not to reveal past drug, sexual activity- Southern Nevada Health District's intent to embarrass...when it determined what questions to ask former patients of two Las Vegas gastroenterology clinics regarding their past risk factors for hepatitis...
2009 Congressional Probe - VA Clinics Kerry urges probe of unsanitary conditions at VA
2009 GA Med Center Endoscopes Columbia County Medical Center In Hot Water-GA officials.. look at a local medical center. Workers... not have followed proper cleaning procedures. ..1,300 patients... received this letter...concerns over the sterilization process of endoscopes
2009 TN VA Wrong Valves VA mum extent of equipment contamination caused by wrong valve used during procedures... noticed wrong valve on the tubing used in colonoscopies
2010 Lawsuit Nevada ...Health officials have blamed reuse of vials ... jury...ordered Teva ... to pay $356 million in punitive damages..Baxter...$144 million..
Federal response to Veterans with Hepatitis C "You've got a demon on your hands," he said. "You'd better find out where that's coming from if you can."
Testing for HCV after exposure Approximately 20%...have symptoms... before the seroconversioN...average approximately 50 days, although it can be as long as nine months
VA Defines Hepatitis C Risk Factors VA Risk factor for HCV disease. HCVets explain why the source of infection is unknown in so many patients.


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