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Medical or Dental Procedures & Reused Devices
2004 Blood Typing- CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have recommended since 1990 that fingerstick devices be restricted to individual use
2004 CDC Report Finger Stick Device Lancets

2010 CDC Clinical Reminder: Use of Fingerstick Devices on More ...
 - The purpose of this CDC clinical reminder is that fingerstick devices ... to remove and replace the lancet after each use... 

1970 Jetgun Nursing Instructions
How to use the jetgun, detailing how the device got contaminated.
1990 FDA Jetgun Autoclaves Recalled FDA Enforcement Report- Vernitron Majestic Table Top Sterilizers, Models 8080, Recall...The locking hub may detach from the unit at high pressure...compromise of sterility... (note: these autoclaves were used to sterilize the Ped-o-Jet Jetguns used by the military. Sterilization could not be guaranteed.)
1999 Global Injections Unsafe injections in the developing world and transmission of bloodborne pathogens: a review-...Five studies attributed 20-80% of all new infections to unsafe injections...major mode of transmission of hepatitis C... occur routinely
2003 CDC Guidelines Nosocomial transmission of bloodborne viruses from infected health care workers to patients...some occupations ... higher risk ... rate of HCV in oral surgeons
2004 CDC Jetgun History Research by the CDC on jetgun history- Needle-Free Jet Injection Bibliography, Device & Manufacturer Roster, and Patent List
2004 CDC Report Finger Stick Device Lancets CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have recommended since 1990 that fingerstick devices be restricted to individual use

2005 USA Surgical Tissue Adhesive Hepatitis C scare halts use of surgical adhesive-The Health, Labor and Welfare industry on Tuesday ordered a pharmaceutical company to stop the sale of an imported surgical tissue adhesive after an elderly man ...contracted the hepatitis C virus ... weakened following an operation...died
2005 VA Surgical Clinics Investigation EL PASO, Tx - A Beaumont Army Hospital staff member contracts Hepatitis "c" and now several patients are also infected. Up to 5% of all the patients tested so far have tested positive...
2008 HCV Dental Implants Transmission Hepatitis patient sues, blames dental implants-A woman who underwent dental implant surgery ...suing the makers of products ... after she learned the products had been recalled and she had contracted Hepatitis C.
2008 Legal Advice for Patients PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS: Queries irk hepatitis patients- Attorneys telling clients not to reveal past drug, sexual activity- Southern Nevada Health District's intent to embarrass...when it determined what questions to ask former patients of two Las Vegas gastroenterology clinics regarding their past risk factors for hepatitis...
2008 Multi-Risk Transmission Factors Frequency distribution of hepatitis C virus genotypes in different geographical regions of Pakistan and their possible routes of transmission- Infectious Diseases 2008, 8:69...More than 70% of the cases were acquired in hospitals through reuse of needles/syringes and major/minor surgery...
2008 NV State Investigation UPDATE So Nevada Hepatitis C Investigation UPDATE:"Patients were put at risk, health officials say, when a syringe would be reused on an infected patient and then used to draw anesthesia from vials intended for just one patient. The vials would then be used on other patients, potentially spreading disease."
2008 VA Nevada Exposures VA Office of Inspector General,inspectionefurbished scopes were purchased and a scope broke... GI providers reused syringes...contaminated medication from vials...contracts were awarded to the GI provider group or that senior managers received kickbacks.
2009 CDC Report- Hemodialysis Unit Hepatitis C Virus Transmission at an Outpatient Hemodialysis Unit --- New York, 2001--2008 -...  negative to anti-HCV positive in a New York City hemodialysis unit Supervisory staff members failed to address these breaches. Many of the direct care staff members were unaware of ...unit's written infection control policies, including those pertaining to cleaning and disinfection. Investigators also noted the lack of a separate clean area for... has 8% risk factor
2009 Congressional Probe - VA Clinics
Kerry urges probe of unsanitary conditions at VA
2009 GA Med Center Endoscopes Columbia County Medical Center In Hot Water-GA officials.. look at a local medical center. Workers... not have followed proper cleaning procedures. ..1,300 patients... received this letter...concerns over the sterilization process of endoscopes
2009 GA VA Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic The fact that it took five years for them to catch a mistake like that....nose and throat clinic at the VA Medical Center ...that they may have been exposed...
2009 TN VA Wrong Valves VA mum extent of equipment contamination caused by wrong valve used during procedures... noticed wrong valve on the tubing used in colonoscopies
2009 VA- FL Endoscopes The VA insists the risk of infection is minimal and only involved tubing on equipment, not any device that actually touched a patient.
2010 CDC Report- Mulitple Exposures HCV quasispecies sequences from the patients were nearly identical (96.9%–100%) to those from source patients with chronic viral hepatitis. All affected patients in both clinics received
2010 Lawsuit Nevada ...Health officials have blamed reuse of vials ... jury...ordered Teva ... to pay $356 million in punitive damages.. Baxter...$144 million..
2013 HCV transmitted by biopsy forceps The problem at a colposcopy clinic ...began in May 1999 and was detected on May 24 of this officials are contacting nearly 2,500 patients after discovering that unsterilized biopsy forceps were used
2015 FDA Fingerstick Risk
May 12, 2015 Safety Communications > Use of Fingerstick Devices on More Than One Person Poses Risk for Transmitting Bloodborne Pathogens: Initial Communication (8/26/2010)
Food and Drug Administration
Dental treatmen was commonest conventional risk factor Dental treatment: 278 (32.55%)...Non-conventional transmission of hepatitis C: a true possibility ignored... show very high risk for HCV transmission by dental procedures.
Finger Stick Device potential source In teaching patients how to administer finger sticks and insulin shots to themselves, the nurse changed the needle.. but reused...I don't believe this nurse was cognizant of the possibility...was a potential source..
HCV Detected in Dental Surgeries Our data indicate that there is extensive contamination by HCV of dental surgeries after treatment of anti-HCV patients and that if sterilisation and disinfection are inadequate there is the possible risk of transmission to susceptible individuals
VA OIG Report VA supply orders not equal to demand...

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